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How Make The MOST works

Here's how it works:

Say you are currently winning 20% of the opportunities you chase (or 5% or 50% - it doesn't matter - the principle works). 2 out of 10.

If you could

  • have more time to devote to each opportunity, to make more calls, do more planning, check and review letters and proposals and presentations
  • get more access to support resources from your company: your boss's time in front of clients, technical people, demos and presentations, pilots and trials, money for trips and events and meals
  • get some pressure off you (but not too much: some pressure is good for winners)

...If you could have that help, could you win one more of those ten opportunities? You can.

The MTM Opportunity Dashboard gives you an objective view of how well you are positioned and how well you are progressing with each opportunity. Sit back and study your Opportunity Dashboard, often in discussion with your sales manager, and kill off two of every ten opportunities. Walk away. Save your ammunition. Focus on the other eight. Devote resources to those eight. Win 3 out of 8 instead of running yourself ragged chasing 10 to get 2. Make The MOST of your opportunities and your available resources.

This is one of the hardest things for many sales people to do - to let go of an opportunity that has a pulse (or even if it doesn't). Don't flog a dead horse (or an alternative saying: if the horse is dead, dismount). Or maybe you get on well with them, but the reality is they are never going to buy. It's not hard for the best sales people: they know when to qualify out. With MTM you will too.

What if you don’t have enough opportunities to be qualifying out, or don’t want to just now?
MTM will still help you to take a “battlefield view” of your opportunities, to see where the serious weaknesses are, where to concentrate some efforts.

In all cases, MTM helps:

You will have more time to devote to each opportunity.

You will have a formalised objective assessment of your opportunity to argue your case for supporting resources.

You will know where your weaknesses are, where you are exposed. You will be blind-sided less often. Sales managers don't like surprises.

Your win rate will go up: in this example from 20% to nearly 40% (3 out of 8 remember). Your colleagues back winners. You will be asking for resource less often and bringing back results more often.

You will enjoy selling more. You will Make The MOST.

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