Account planning

The only way forward with considered-purchase relationships is - start with an account plan that can be read & signed off by your client.


more info please

Can you expand on that? Surely not all opportunity sales are in the context of a managed account?

Account Planning and Opportunity Management

Very closely related fields, but not the same thing.. Opportunity management without account planning does cover alot of the same components (eg. map of key decision makers, influencers etc..)


farming an account relationship

Seems to me account management and account planning are only relevant for situations where one intends to make more than one sale to the organisation. I'd suggest much (most?) opportunity selling is one sale per client. There are an awful lot of one-product sales companies out there. Even with those who have multiple products, often they don't have the resources to account sell. they use existing sales for lead generation but that isn't the same thing as farming an account relationship, which is what account management is all about.

In order to keep MTM general it needs to assume that you are a hunter/gatherer not a farmer. As I say in the overview, if you are account selling then MTM is a valuable tool to manage the portfolio of opportunities across the account but it isn't intended to provide the account management framework around that.